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"Lou is honestly a 5 star. If I could give more I would. She selflessly helped so many including me during lock down. She gave me something to look forward to and out structure to my day and it helped me massively mentally. Before lockdown I always attended gym and thought I was very active until I did Lou’s classes. They push you to your limit and I can honestly say I’ve seen a difference in my body. I’m more toned now then I was attending the gym. She’s always there for you and you can contact her any time. So thank you so much :) "   Rima Saad

"Louise has been a true inspiration to me, especially during the time of lockdown. She’s made me have focus and something to work towards. Louise has also given us all in the group some fantastic recipes, and lots of tips of how to self care. Having the group has helped us all not feel alone through it. Couldn’t thank Louise enough for taking time our for each of us, and just off her own back too. Louise your really are a true inspiration and you have really helped us all."   Kendall Stratton

 ".... You’ve been amazing, you always have been inspiring, but you include everyone, you push everyone to do better, to improve but for themselves reminding us this is our workout we get out what we put in. Giving people ideas and goals to work on which from my own experience is something we all need ‘a point to aim for a reason to get out of bed some days.... You’ve constantly pointed people in the direction to improve whilst reminding you’re there for them to reach out for if they need."  Rebecca Hosker

Tameside Reporter, September 17th 2020

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 ".... Being a new mum in lockdown, Louise’s tips and guidance well and truly helped me find myself again.  She selflessly helped myself and others throughout locks with her workouts and sled care tips.  She helped me see how important caring for myself is in order for my to care for anybody else and reminding me that prioritising myself isn’t selfish it’s important.  I can’t even begin to explain the benefits I have gained. I not only feel stronger physically, thanks to Louise’s workout program, but mentally too. What I like most is she highlights the importance of exercise but also how important it is to rest, being reminded how important rest is made me realise that I shouldn’t feel guilty for resting. In this day and age we feel the need to be constantly on the go, expecting our body’s and minds to be constant with no break. Louise made me realise the importance of this for myself and others. Throughout lockdown, I have been able to take advantage of the little things in life that we often take for granted, I don’t think I would of done this without Louise’s assistance. She also helped me to see that I will never truly be happy with my life until I’m happy with me, and thanks to Strength and Soul I’m finally on that path of balance and happiness through the lifestyle tips/skills that have been shared with me.

Louise is knowledgeable, approachable, driven,

accessible and most of all she is inspiring. "  Karen Barber

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