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Strength N Soul ALL-ACCESS

At the heart of Strength N Soul ALL-ACCESS is You.   

This is not just about being active.  Its about recognising and realising,  self awareness and self-love.  Being part of something special,  providing you with the tools and environment to achieve your goals and transformation and will leave you feeling amazing.  

What to expect:

ALL-ACCESS Programme

12-Week Multi-Phased Programme providing you with all the tools you need to start and create a happier & healthier version of you.  The routines and on-demand video enable you to follow the programme where ever and whenever.  Train Anytime, Anywhere.  


Workout Classes

Access to over 40 workout classes.  Available On-Demand.

Train Anytime, Anywhere.

Access to Strength N Soul Recipe's

Strength N Soul Recipe books will provide you with ideas to support your nutrition to help you achieve goals.

Train Anytime, Anywhere.

 It’s a unique programme that is a true investment into yourself. 

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Strength N Soul is here to empower and enable you through your journey.  To help you recognise and realise.  And become a better version of yourself.

Just Do-it

Anytime   Anywhere

Over 40 workout classes available on demand, so it works around you.

Self Care

Your only competition is you.

Strength N Soul works at your pace, with structured workouts to support you, and a Video Vault of technique videos to improve your form.

"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

Me, Louise...


Louise Park,

Founder of Strengh N Soul

Personal Trainer

Growing up, Sports and Dance were a huge part of my life, and it set me on a path.  Anything where I could be active, and release those endorphines, that was me.  As my own fitness developed, I knew I could help and transform other peoples lives through guidance and encouragement, being a Personal Trainer was just a natural progression.  

It enabled me to be able to teach various types of classes to a wide range of people with different abilities.  Developing and supporting other personal trainers to learn and teach group exercises. 


Now with over 20 years experience in the industry, and winning Personal Trainer of the Year Award, Strength N Soul provides me with the platform to help YOU!

Strength N Soul will help you get active and stay healthy.  It will help you with nutrition, providing guidance and recipe information to ensure your journey is a successful journey.  And these actions and activities will also help with your mental health

Enjoy Strength N Soul Today.

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its that simple to start working on you today.

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